George Kefalas

May 15, 2020

Burial Date May 20, 2020

Committal Details Rookwood General Cemetery

Church St Athanasios Cemetery

George Kefalas

Rookwood Cemetery

Eastern Orthodox LOL K_Zone A/#/770

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Με μεγάλη μας θλίψη αγγέλουμε τον θάνατο του πολυαγαπημένου μας και πάντα αξέχαστου συντρόφου, πατέρα, παππού, αδελφού και θείου

ετών 84
από Ασώματο, Αγιάσου, Λέσβου
που απεβίωσε στις 15 Μαΐου 2020

Η νεκρώσιμος ακολουθία θα ψαλεί την Τετάρτη 20 Μαΐου 2020 και ώρα 11πμ εις τον κοιμητηριακό Ναό του Αγίου Αθανασίου,
Rookwood η δε σορός του θα ενταφιασθεί στο κοιμητήριο του Rookwood.
Οι τεθλιμμένοι: η σύντροφος Ντανούτα, τα τέκνα Μάριος και Βανέσα, Στρατής και Ελένη, τα εγγόνια Jack, Ruby, Γιώργος, Χριστιάνα, τα αδέλφια Ευθύμιος Κεφάλας, στην Ελλάδα Ευγενία Καμπουρογιάννη, τα ανίψια και λοιποί συγγενείς και φίλοι Αυστραλία και Ελλάδα.
Λόγω περιορισμού του κορωνοϊού και τα περιοριστικά μέτρα της κυβέρνησης, η κηδεία θα γίνει σε στενό οικογενειακό περιβάλλον.
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First published in The Greek Herald


George Kefalas

was born in Asomatos in 1937

to Efstratios and Maria (nee Mihalaki)
He arrived in Australia in 1960
(D.E.M.E. Gov’t Sponsored Program).
George married Stavroula (nee Marnisali) from Perama
and the couple was blessed with two sons:
Mario and  Efstratios.

About George Kefalas:

  • Following his family’s tradition he became a carpenter. [his father, Eustratios, was from a family of carpenters and had his own workshop in the nearby village, Ipios]
  • He developed an allergy to dust and this forced him to look for another trade- which was painting and rendering (1954).
  • Once he was discharged from his national service (Greek Airforce) he was able to set up his own business.
  • He arrived in Sydney in 1960.
  • He became involved with the Greek churches- Holy Trinity and St Sophia- where he taught Sunday school for two years.
  • In 1961 he married Stavitsa, who was from Perama.
  • One of his mother’s friends, Mick Adams, introduced him to John Walton of the Waltons Department stores. Within six months, he was promoted to manager of the paint section. (1961- 69).
  • By 1971, he was able to set up Kefalas Hardware in Marrickville.
  • The Kefalas family ran the hardware shop there until 1996.
  • George Kefalas was a former club President and life-long supporter, backer and friend of Sydney Olympic.