George Tsakalopoulos

September 27, 1938

George Tsakalopoulos
Birth: unknown
Death: 27 Sep 1938
Innisfail Cemetery
Innisfail, Cassowary Coast Region, Queensland, Australia
Plot: Section 5; Lot 12; Row 20
On Tuesday afternoon the Deputy Coroner (Mr. S. C. Mossman), presided at an inquest in to the manner and cause of death of George Dimitri Tsakalopoulos, aged 27 years, who died in the Innisfail hospital on 27th ultimo as a result of injuries received on 25th ultimo when he slipped and fell on a tramline bridge at Liverpool Creek.
The witnesses were examined by Sergeant G. Selby. Louis Borserini (Innisfail ambulance bearer) stated that on 25th ultimo, about 5 p.m. he received a telephone call and proceeded to Mc Cutcheon’s farm at Liverpool Creek, Cowley, as a man had fallen off a bridge and injured himself. Witness proceeded to the scene, and on arrival saw the injured man (Tsakalopoulos) leaning against a garage.Three other men informed witness this was the man who had fallen off a bridge. He placed the patient in the ambulance car, laid him on a stretcher, and made an examination of him. The injuries were to the middle portion of the body. Witness formed the opinion there was internal rupture, and gave the sufferer first-aid attention.
Sergeant Selby: Did deceased tell you anything?
Witness: He told me he was walking across a girder of the bridge, with one foot on either side of the rail. Both feet slipped and he fell, I conveyed him to the Innisfail District Hospital, where he was admitted about 6.30 p.m.
Was he in much pain during the journey in? — He did not complain.
From my conversation with him, and from what I found, I did not discover anything of a suspicious nature. I knew he died later, in the hospital.
Stavro Tsakalopoulos (first cousin of deceased), married man, and canecutter, said that on 25th ultimo, he was employed at Mc Cutcheon’s farm, Liverpool Creek, Cowley. Witness was of Greek nationality, and had been four and a half years in Australia. He came to Australia with deceased on the same boat. Deceased was a canecutter on the same farm. On the date mentioned, witness was at the cane barracks where deceased lived. Witness was ganger of the gang, and about 4.30 p.m. saw deceased leave to get some vegetables. He had to go over a two-railed bridge across Liverpool Creek.
(About half an hour later deceased returned to the front of the barracks, and said, “Ring for the Ambulance because I am no good.” Witness asked what had happened, -and deceased replied, “Too much blood.”
He noticed deceased’s lower, garments were covered in blood. Deceased then went into the barracks and lay on the bed. Witness went to Mc Cutcheon’s house, and William McCuteheon used the telephone. With some other members of the gang he carried the injured man over the bridge, so that he would be able to meet” the ambulance, and go away.
Later the ambulance car arrived, and deceased was taken to the hospital where he subsequently died. Witness was informed that deceased was by himself when he fell. Other witnesses also gave evidence, after which the inquest was adjourned to Cairns.
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