Jasmin Michelides

1912 - 1932

Burial Date February 21, 1932

Jasmin Michelides

Birthdate: 1912
Birthplace: Fremantle, WA, Australia
Death: February 19, 1932 (19-20)
Private Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia
Place of Burial: Karrakatta, WA, Australia
Immediate Family: Daughter of Peter Spero Michelides and Pearl Ethel Michelides

The Late Miss Jasmin Michelides.

[The West Australian |  Thu 25 Feb 1932  |  Page 5 ]


The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Michelides, of 108 Francis-street, Perth, received a severe blow when the news of the death of
their dearly beloved daughter, Jasmin, was reported. Deceased, who was aged only 19 years, was born at Fremantle. and had resided in this
State all her life. Her demise came after a severe illness, which she bore uncomplainingly. In her home circle and outside, she made many friends by her bright, kind and charitable disposition. She passed peacefully away at a private hospital on February 19. Her remains were conveyed to the Greek Orthodox Church, and the large number of people who attended prior to the service amply demonstrated the popularity of the young lady. At 8 o’clock on Monday the service commenced, the congregation over flowing the building. The Rev. Chr. Manessis officiated at the church and graveside. After his Reverence had delivered an address eulogising the deceased’s past life, her remains were borne to the hearse, passing through an avenue of flowers held by children, among whom she, was dearly loved. The cortege, with the hearse a mass of floral emblems, followed by a floral carriage, and the mourning coaches proceeded to the Greek Cemetery, Karrakatta, where her remains were laid to rest in a beautiful polished panneled jarrah casket. The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Peter. Michelides (father and mother), Mr. Spero Michelidea (brother), Misses Helen and Daphne Michelides (sisters), Mrs. J. Michelides (grandmother), Mr. and Mrs. M. Michelides, Mr. and Mrs. M. Papalazaros, Mr. and Mrs. A. Veriopulos, Mr. and Mrs. P. Pitsikas. Mrs. D. E. A. Manolas (uncles and aunts), Mr. and Mrs. P. Gourdis, Mr. and Mrs. Con. Gourdis, Mr. and Mrs. John Aris, Mr. and Mrs. A. Petridis, Mr. and Mrs. D. Petridis, Mr. and Mrs. Con. Condullas, Mr. Will Dodd, Michael Nicholas, John and Spero Verio
poulos. Con. Malaxos, Mrs. Hooley, Mrs. Con. Salavaris, Mrs. M. Freeman, Miss Jessie Panos, Miss Edna Dodd (cousins). The pall-bearers were Messrs. Harry Mann, M.L.A., J. Doscas, G. F. Searie, K. Kalif, G. Smith and K. Saleeba. Those present at the graveside to pay their last respects were Messrs. N. Papastahis (representing the Greek community), L. Mandalis (representing the Hellenic Association of W.A.), Z. Nolidis (representing the Macedonian Association of W.A.), O. W. Hough, J. M. Clifton, W. O’Shea, T. C. Simpson, T. Davies (representing the Customs Department), C. Connor, R. H. Maxwell, H. J. Maynard (representing the Commercial Travellers’ Association), K. Whitehead (representing E. S. Lazarus and Co.), F. Paton (representing the Consul for the Netherlands) , Monsieur and Madame Antoine (representing the Alliance Francaise), H. Griesbach, F. Kelm, J. H. Ferris, B. Raymond, B. Hodder, R. Elsborg, D. Mucci, M. Goldsmith. W Wilcox, T. Harris, S. Reddin, J. Vallve. P. Solomon, R. Muller, Mrs. Kelm, Mrs Ferris, Mrs. W. J. Judge, Mrs. R. Lennox, Misses D. Lake, E. Young, R. Leunig, E. Moore, D. Hollins, E. Hill, M. Clarke, N. Harrison, D. Newling, D. Day, E. Day, V. Bawdon, D. Franks, P. Pender. P. Michelli, A. Colveas (all of Michelides, Limited), Messrs. L. E. Joubert, F. Nagel, Z.Rebakis, H. T. Brown, A. Saleeba, N. Saleeba, A. Naughton; A. C. Kessell, Binney, R. Legge, E. Kalaf, Jack Kalaf, B. BothwelL J. Hanrahan, J. W. and C. J. Veryard, Rev. E. B. Roger, Captain Sungy, E. Beilken, J. W. Billings, Con cannen, O. W. Hubble, T. Wilcox, E. Wilcox, G. Whitworth, J. Glendenning, S. Lemonis, A Fanousoukis. A. Aris, P. K. Manolas. S. Lekias, Noris, G. K. Manolas, Con. Manolas, Con. KoutRizas. N. Spartalis, P. Kyriacos, N. Dontas, Gee. Zimbullis, N. Poniros, C. Contos, J. Fotiadis S. D. Angelopoulos, G. Katsiotis, Signor de Michelli, C. Phalangas, J. Andros, A. Samios, P. Panagyris, A. Phocas, A. Doropoulos, S. Fermanis S. Miska. P. Anastassas, D. Zervos, Con. Anastassas, A. Sgouromallis, M. Dontas, L. Katsautonis, N Karatzas, C. Milonas, P. Nikelis, G. Kalis, V. Kalis, G. D. Kalis. N. Kanganas, A. Kanganas, A Lakidis, V. Paleos. A. Auguste. Perivolari. N. Delidis; Madame Brisbout, Madame Lefebre Madame Eve G. Coufacos; Mesdames Binney, Kalaf, Concannen, Manolas, Madame de Michelli, Mesdames Doscas, Wilcox Mandalis, Perivolari, Delides; Misses Hill, Magriplis, Silelidis, and many other friends. Floral tributes were received from her sorrowing father and mother, uncle Michael and Auntie Nellie, John, Madge. Maud Peter, David and baby Jasmin. Helen and Speros auntie Maud and Maudie. uncle Mox and auntie Totine, Bubby. uncle Angeli and auntie Chrissie, Michael and Jessamine Nicholas, Chrissie and John, Maude and Alex, Diano, and Niva Will and Stewart. Nellie. Ken and Ella, Aris brothers. Chakalakis. C. A.Henriques, Joseph Keave. Maria
and Rene Jabornis, Ray, Abraham, Gordon F. Searle. George Kutsuros, C. H. M. Agg (Employers’ Liability Assurance Co., Ltd.), F A H Arnold (Employers’ Liability Assurance Corporation ltd.). Jam Bany, B. Palassie, Kathleen and Bessie Dalton T. and L. Keamy, Anastasia Delides. Madame Eve Vye, G. Coufacos, Con. and Steve Passaris. A. Pavlatich. Lily Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Poneros. Mrs. D. Kalis, Mr. and Mrs G. D. Kallis Mr. and Mrs. N. Panastatis. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gravis. Mr. and Mrs. A. Haralampou Mr and Mrs A Kakulas. Mr. and Mrs. G. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Stamoulis, Mrs. G. Aris, Mr Mr and Mrs A Liveris, Mr and Mrs E Petrides, Mr. and Mrs. Alekaris, Dr. and Madame Gelle Mr. and Mrs. M. Crawcour, Mr. and Mrs. W. Raad. Mr. and Mrs. Zimbulis. Mr. and Mrs. Bishcoff. Mr and Mrs J. H. Ferris. Mr. and Mrs. D Petrides, Mr and Mrs. H. Griesbach. Con. andSilva and children. Mr. and Mrs. Doscas and family, Mr and Mrs Bennett and family. Mr.and Mrs Wilcox and family, Mr. and Mrs. Saleeba and family, Monsieur and Madame Antoine and family, Mrs Barboutis and family. Zacharias. Phoebe and son, Mr and Mrs. A. Passaris and family, Mrs. L. Hill and family, John and Orania and family. Mr. and Mrs. Con. Gravas and family Kalaf Brothers, Fcrmanis Brothers. Revv Christopher Manessis, K. Manolas and family Mr and Mrs Pitsakis. Mr and Mrs.D. H. Kalis, Mr. O. A. Kalis, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gourdis. Mrs. D. Manolas and family, office andtravelling staff of Michelides. Limited. Lakis Brothers, the Strepperis, Michelides Limited Poppy Hat Shop, Soufoulis Brothers Greek school-teacher and children, E. S Lazarus and Co (W.A.). Ltd.) Hellenic Macedonian Association of Western.Australia, Hellenic Association of W.A.. Hellenic Communitv of W A. The telegrams received, together with letters and cards of condolence, were too numerous to mention. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. C. H. Smith and Co.