Jerry Peter Bonos

September 5, 1954

An elderly Greek collapsed and died at his daughter’s wedding reception at a city nightclub last night. He was Jerry Peter Bonos, 64, cafe proprietor of Geralle St., Cronulla. Bonos was attending a reception for his daughter, Toula, at the Commodore Club, Goulburn St. Although a heart sufferer, he joined in festivities and danced most of the night. About 11.30 pm, while doing the Greek national dance, he slumped to the floor unconscious.
Guests came to his aid, but he was dead. Sobbing relatives tried to comfort the grief-stricken Toula and her mother as ambulancemen removed Bonos’ body.
The gay atmosphere turned to sorrow as guests were told of the tragedy. The reception ended immediately. Today, George Poulos, Bonos’ brother – in – law, said the death came as a great shock to the family. Jerry had a weak heart and I think that the excitement and the dancing was too much for him,” he said. Toula and her husband have cancelled their honeymoon and will remain in Sydney with her family.
  • The Sun | Mon 6 Sep 1954  | Page 26  | Father dies at wedding