Leonardos Halas

1914 1940

Burial Date January 3, 1940

Leonardos Halas
born in Andros in 1914.
He arrived in Australia in 1938
and was working at the construction
of the new Dwight-Lioyd building at the Smelters
He was accidentally killed on the 2nd January 1940.

(as published in the  Recorder (Port Pirie, SA : 1919 – 1954) |  Wed 3 Jan 1940  |  Page 1 )

Half an hour after work had been resumed on the construction of the new Dwight-Lioyd building at the Smelters after a holiday recess since December 21 a man was killed yesterday morning. He was Leonardos Halas, 26-year-old native of Greece, who had been in South Australia about 18 months. Halas fell from a crane track near the top of the building through a handrail and against steel girders to land on a wooden staging 23 ft. below.
He was dead when a doctor arrived. EMPLOYES of Johns and Way-good  Limited, of South Melbourne, contractors for the erection of the new plant, returned to work at 7.30 a.m. yesterday after more than a Week’s holiday. The accident occurred about 8 a.m. and the men ceased work for the day.
The dead man was a rigger. He had been working on the D. & L. job for two months. The young Greek was single. His parents are still living on the island of Andros, where he was born. In Pirie he had been living at the Pantheon Club. Before coming to Australia he was a seafarer.
During his fall Halas struck his chest against a steel girder. An ear was also practically severed. He was working on the southern side of the construction In the  middle section. Messrs. J. Lynch and S. Swayne were within a few feet of him at the time and saw him fall, but were unable to help.

As it did he straightened up, overbalanced, and went over,” said Mr. Lynch, who was only 3 ft. away. An annexe for a smoke stack and motors is to be added to the southern wall of the Plant, and it was stated that Halas was unhitching a snatch block from the upright column preparatory to lifting the jib to a higher level for the annexe. He was leaning round the column when the crane moved.
Halas was standing on a narrow track which carries the electric crane along the construction. He was about a foot inside the edge of the building and fell into it. The wooden staging on which he landed was about 4 or 5 ft. below the steel girder on which he struck his chest. Smeltermen were working on the staging at the time.
The spot where Halas was working is about 62 ft. above ground level.
His body was left on the staging until the arrival of a doctor. The medical practitioner pronounced life extinct and the body was tied on a stretcher to be carried down to the ground: It was conveyed to the police morgue.

Mr. P. Anastas (chairman of the Greek committee in Pirie) was Informed of the death and communicated with Adelaide so that a Greek priest could visit Pirie for the burial. He was to cateh the train from the city last night. The funeral will leave the Greek Church in David street at 10 o’clock this morning.

Report To Coroner
The police report on the fatality was handed to Mr. A. H. L. Goode (coroner) yesterday. He told “The Recorder” last night that he was considering the report and would
decide today whether an inquest  were necessary.

Killed In Fall
From Building

(as published in the Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 – 1954) |  Wed 3 Jan 1940  |  Page 4)

Killed In Fall From Building

PORT PIRIE, Wednesday.-Within half an hour of his resuming work yesterday after the Christmas recess, Leonardos Halas (26), a Greek rigger, was killed.
He fell about 23ft. from a crane track  on top of the new Dwight Lloyd  building at the smelters to a wooden  staging. He arrived in South Australia from Greece 18 months ago. During his fall he crashed through a handrail, and struck his chest against’a steel girder before landing on the staging.
A doctor arrived within 15 minutes of the accident, and pronounced him dead.
Halas was employed by Johns and Waygood, Ltd., constructional engineers, of South Melbourne, who have the contract to erect the Dwight Lloyd plant.
His workmates ceased work for the day.

(as published in the Recorder (Port Pirie, SA : 1919 – 1954) |  Wed 3 Jan 1940  |  Page 2 )

Family Notices
HALAS.—On January 2, accidentally,
LEONARDOS HALAS, of Pantheon  Club, Florence street, aged 26 years.

HALAS.—THE FRIENDS of the late MR. LEONARDOS HALAS, of Pantheon Club, Florence street, are respectfully informed that HIS Funeral will leave the Greek Orthodox Church, David street, THIS DAY at 10 a.m. for Port Pirie Cemetery.
BACKSTROM & MESCHKE, Undertakers and Motor Funeral  Directors, Port Pirie. Phones 190, 337, and 411.
Federated Ironworkers’ Association
Members are requested to assemble at the Greek Orthodox Church, David street, THIS DAY at 10 a.m. to follow the Funeral of their late Comrade Leonardos Halas to Port Pirie Cemetery.
E. BARNETT, Trustee.
C. BECKER, Assist. Sec.
Man Faints At Church;
Women Distraught
At Graveside
Last-Minute Wish To
Photograph Coffin

(as published in the Recorder (Port Pirie, SA : 1919 – 1954) |  Thu 4 Jan 1940  |  Page 1 )


The Greek community and workmates from the Dwight-Lloyd construction job at the Smelters attended in, force yesterday morning, when the remains ef
Leonardos Halas, who was killed in a fall from the new D. and L. on Tuesday morning, were interred at Pirie Cemetery.
About 200 were at the graveside. Every available hire car in the town except one was pressed into service to carry the mourners. Thirteen cars, a motorcycle, and bicycles followed the hearse.
Among those at the cemetery were Messrs. W. H. Threadgold (mayor), L.J. Guy (supervisor for Johns & Waygood Limited), and M. S. Keane (secretary of Pirie branch of the Carpenters’ Union). Smelters’ carpenters were working on the staging to which the young Greek: workman fell.
The burial service was interrupted while word could be sent for a photographer. It was desired to take a picture of the coffin before it was lowered intothe grave, but the taxidriver who was sent on the message returned stating that he had been unsuccessful. Rev. Germanos Heliou, who had come from. Adelaide specially for the burial, conducted a service at the Greek Orthodox Church, David street, before thefuneral.
A man fainted at the church and several women were distraught at the graveside.After chanting the final ritual Mr. Heliou opened the lamp of burning incense which he had been holding andtipped the contents into the grave. The contents of a bottle of wine were also poured over the coffin? and before departing Greek friends threw handfuls of dirt into the grave.Messrs. J. Caragianis, C. Theologous, L. Tsangaris, and A. Sagiadelis were pallbearers.
Floral and other tributes were sent by Mrs. Varsamis and family (dome), Mr. and Mrs. Diamianos and family (dome), Federated Ironworkers’ Association (dome), Chris Kiriakides, J. Vagias, and A. Morrogios (dome), Greek community, workmates of Johns & Waygood Limited, B.H.A.S. carpenters, Con M. Kiosoglous, C. Canas, Arthur Edwards, workmate, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Comblas, Angelo Sagiadelis, John Caragianis and family, Mr. and Mrs.M. Kotaras and family, George Caragianis, Con Theologous, John Polites, S. Cosmas, and G. Antonios. In addition four Greek residents as a tribute to the accident victim made do nations to the Greek community fund.They were M. Roros (15/), Mrs. Varsamis (10/), S. Drikas (10/), and P. Tsangaris (5/).